All new update; mrsfinch is available for dinner, as am I. I’m heading out for dinner, so will not be replying until later in the evening.

IMPORTANT UPDATE; Homey has injured his knee so HoneyHeart and Hubby can’t make it. :( Do we still want to do it? Why not? LaQuoiDahling is available after 3:00, so it could be snacks rather than a meal.


mrsfinch says the Assemby Chef’s Hall is fine with her, what time suits everybody?

All of the suggested venues are in the same general area; west of Yonge by a couple or a few blocks and in the Queen/King area.


I’ll be carrying a black umbrella with red cherries as a parasol, so I’ll be easy to spot. Finchie looks like Stockard Channing pre-bad-plastic surgery, with short, curly grey hair.

Update: mrsfinch is suggesting 1:00 rather than noon, so as to miss some of the lunch rush.

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